This Oh Kabinett Riesling is pressed "whole cluster" in a bladder press. Native cellar yeasts were used and activated spontaneously. A pre-fermentation maceration of 24 hours is given on the full lees. Then a basic racking of the juice is done, no finning or filtering. Primary Fermentation was maintained slowly in the naturally cool cellar and lasted three full months. Minimal sulphur was used to stop the fermentation. Each vintage offers something different and look to control fermentation in a way that compliments the desired sweetness, based on the balancing acidity of the vintage.

We then left the wine to macerate for 5 & 1/2 months on the remaining lees in 1000L Stainless steel tank. Malolactic Fermentation was not achieved, nor desired.

We tried to keep things simple with the cellar work and put our hands on the wine as little as possible to showcase the Honey-Hill's true character. All decisions in the cellar were made by taste alone.

It all starts in the vineyard..

Organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard are a key factor in the wine's finished product. Lenz overseas his whole family vineyards and has been slowly molding the vineyards with natural herbs and hummus and no use of sprays or unnatural products.

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