Balanced Mosel Riesling

What started as a conversation about cocktails and "balance" between sweetness and acidity culminated in this Kabinett. A wine that was made with the purpose of finding balance on the tongue. Dancing between bold sweetness and aggressive acidity.

Lenz Jakoby is a 3rd Generation Winemaker who is a born and raised Moselaner. Philippe C. Grandbois is a Consultant, Certified Sommelier and French-Canadian. Philippe and his wife moved to Maring-Noviand at the end of 2017' to fulfill their wine dreams of developing a small family vineyard. Lenz and Phil started to plan "Oh Kabinett" in early 2018' while drinking in the Jakoby Cellars.

What about the label?

The label is an ode to both the Canadian Flag, as well as, to showcase the evolving labels at Weingut Jakoby. The colour Red was selected to both reflect the Canadian Flag's colour and the Quality wines at Jakoby. The Wine Leaf, to play on the notorious "Maple Leaf" on the Canadian flag. "Oh, Kabinett!" was a recurring saying among Lenz & Philippe when deciding what to drink.


"Cabinet" wines have always been the wines that the winemaker kept secret in their cabinet each vintage. It is also the first level of the German Wine Quality System.